Internet Freedom Festival 2020

Please read the following reminders carefully before submitting your proposal. Have you read our guide to the IFF2020’s Call for Proposal? Check it out here.

1. As a presenter, you should:

  • Lead a session that will advance Internet Freedom by starting important conversations, promoting knowledge exchange, and/or building skills and capacity.
  • Use the IFF Session Role Cards (facilitator, note taker, time keeper, gatekeeper) which will be provided if accepted.
  • Encourage the inclusion of diverse voices, experiences and backgrounds in your session. This can be accomplished by inviting different projects or individuals to contribute or participate in your session.
  • Help foster new connections between participants when possible.
  • Follow the IFF Code of Conduct
  • Design your session to be no longer than 1 hour!

2. Session Formats

Your session should be structured following one of the IFF Formats:

Collaborative Talk

Facilitate discussions between participants on a specific topic.
For example: Gathering 2-3 individuals for a discussion on reimagining a feminist internet, debating the pros and cons of secure messaging apps.


Present timely information or knowledge with participants.
For example: "New Surveillance Tactics in X"; "The State of the Internet in X Country"


Obtain feedback from participants that will be used to improve a tool, project, strategy or solution.
For example: "Building a Resilient VPN: What is Needed"

Hands On

Provide participants with skills or practical knowledge.
For example: "OrgSec 201: Creating Organizational Policies that Everyone Will Follow"; "How to Communicate During an Internet Shutdown"

Fix it!

Tackling a specific challenge or issue collectively.
For example: "Support for Journalists Under Attack: What Can You Bring to the Table"

3. Submitting a Proposal with Multiple Speakers

If you are planning to submit a session that involves multiple speakers, make sure to coordinate with your team before submitting. You will not be able to make changes to your session proposal after the deadline.

Let's get started! Click Submit a Proposal to begin your process. You'll be asked to create a new account in order to submit (your previous IFF login will not work). And remember, peep over to our submission guide for assistance.

This Call for Papers closed on 2019-12-22 23:59 (US/Eastern).